Response Properties | Policy Holder Data

For HTTP Status Code = 200

connection_idStringUnique identification for each policy request.No
placement_idStringId of Fize modal in application. Eg; placement_1No
dataJSONThis contains data corresponding to policy request.No
data.policy_dataJSONThis contains policies data corresponding to policy request.No
data.policy_data.versionNumberThis contains policy version corresponding to policy request. Eg; 1.1No
data.policy_data.carrier_display_nameStringThis contains carrier's display name. Eg; AllstateNo
data.policy_data.carrier_logoStringThis contains url of carrier logo.No
data.policy_data.carrierStringThis contains carrier name.No
data.policy_data.policiesArrayThis contains policies data of policy request for specific connection_id.No
data.policy_data.policies[].fz_policy_numberStringIt is the unique identification give by Fize platform assign to policy.No
data.policy_data.policies[].policy_typeStringIt is the policy type value of policy.No
data.policy_data.policies[].policy_numberStringIt is the policy number value of policy.No
data.policy_data.policies[].policy_holderJSON[Policy Holder]Key/Value JSON for policy holder data.No
    "connection_id": "fswo32u03420183=",
    "placement_id": 1,
    "data": {
        "policy_data": {
            "version": 2,
            "carrier_display_name": "Allstate",
            "carrier_logo": "",
            "carrier": "allstate",
            "policies": [
                    "carrier": "allstate",
                    "fz_policy_number": "po_5c30616fa7434dbb",
                    "policy_type": "Home",
                    "policy_number": "P1234",
                    "policy_holder": {
                        "first_name": "Fize",
                        "last_name": "User",
                        "middle_name": "Demo",
                        "full_name": "Fize Demo User",
                        "birth_date": "1980-10-21",
                        "age": 42,
                        "email": "[email protected]",
                        "address": {
                            "entity_number": "1447",
                            "street": "Winding",
                            "city": "Providence",
                            "state": "RI",
                            "zip": "22903",
                            "country": "USA",
                            "raw_address": "1447, Winding Way, Providence, RI 22903"
                        "phone": "1234567890"

For HTTP Status Code != 200

typeEnum("success" , "failure")Value of this property defines whether the request made is succeeded or failed processing.
codeCommon Status Code or Policy Status CodeDefines a status code to denote the status of Policy data acquisition by the client
http_status_codeIntegerThis property contains HTTP status code. Range: 100 - 199 or 201 - 599
messageStringThis property contains message corresponding to code property
    "type": "failure",
    "http_status_code": 400,
    "message": "Invalid connection_id"

Schema Reference