Response Properties | List Endpoint

For HTTP Status = 200

  • List of endpoints with following properties.
createdAtStringTimeStamp when application got created.
idStringUnique Id of newly created application.
filterTypesArrayEvent Types subscribed in this webhook.
urlStringUrl of webhook endpoint.
disabledBooleanBoolean value to indicate whether the webhook endpoint is active or not.
rateLimitIntegerNumber of requests allowed per second.
uidStringUnique identifier for the endpoint
updatedAtStringLast updated timeStamp of the application.
versionIntegerLatest version of the endpoint.
metadataObjectAddition information of the webhook endpoint.
    "data": [
            "channels": null,
            "createdAt": "2023-02-14T05:48:42.931Z",
            "description": "",
            "disabled": false,
            "filterTypes": [
            "id": "ep_2LiV7XtItZWwP8Swu0dIUQfX3xj",
            "metadata": {},
            "rateLimit": null,
            "uid": null,
            "updatedAt": "2023-02-14T05:51:46.900Z",
            "url": "",
            "version": 1

For HTTP Status != 200

http_status_codeIntegerThis property contains HTTP status code. Range: 100 - 199 or 201 - 599
messageStringMessage containing error description.
    "http_status_code": 400,
    "message": "Invalid client_id"