Synchronous Policy Data Access

Following diagram outlines the process as how the policy data is acquired by the Fize system and how the data is being transferred.


The above diagram can be interpreted by following process -

  • Fize SDK initiates an OAuth authentication process with Fize’s authentication service.
  • Fize SDK receive a session-based token upon authentication
  • Fize Javascript SDK directs the Fize platform to retrieve the user’s insurance policy data
  • Insurance data is retired for the user and persisted in Fize
  • A connection_id for this retrieval session is returned to Fize SDK
  • Pre-configured callback functions are triggered, and policy_id is passed to the hosting site
  • The hosting site’s front end passes the connection_id to its server in an attempt to retrieve full policy data
  • Hosting site’s server makes a server-to-server call to Fize Data API with the connection_id from its front end and the Fize API secret key in its vault. The full policy data for the user/connection_id is then returned to the hosting site’s server.