Personal Info

Personal Info Type

object (Personal Info)

Personal Info Properties

first_namestringOptionalcan be null
last_namestringOptionalcan be null
middle_namestringOptionalcan be null
full_namestringOptionalcan be null
emailstringOptionalcan be null
addressobjectOptionalcan be null
phonestringOptionalcan be null
genderstringOptionalcan be null
marital_statusstringOptionalcan be null
birth_datenumberOptionalcan be null
agenumberOptionalcan be null
relationstringOptionalcan be null
educationstringOptionalcan be null
occupationstringOptionalcan be null
full_time_studentstringOptionalcan be null

Sample JSON

  "first_name": "Fize",
  "last_name": "User",
  "middle_name": "Demo",
  "full_name": "Fize Demo User",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "address": {
    "entity_number": "1447",
    "street": "Winding",
    "city": "Providence",
    "state": "RI",
    "zip": "22903",
    "country": "USA",
    "raw_address": "1447, Winding Way, Providence, RI 22903"
  "phone": "1234567890",
  "gender": "Male",
  "marital_status": "Married",
  "birth_date": "1980-10-21",
  "age": 42,
  "relation": "self",
  "education": "engineer",
  "occupation": "job",
  "full_time_student": "No"