Other API Details

This section is intended to outline basic details apart from the API headers. It includes information about other parameters required by the API's to yield a response. It also outlines basic definitions of the response codes with respect to HTTP request and the policy data.

Connection ID

For each request of the policy data, a unique key is assigned to represent the whole data across the Fize domains. It is 16 characters in length and needs to be included within the HTTP request made to an endpoint. Within the request, this is defined as connection_id .

API Endpoint List

Fize API endpoints are listed below.

/policies/statusAPI to fetch the status of the policy request. It gives status per request.
/policiesAPI endpoint to return data of policies for a policy request made from the client side.
/policies/basicAPI endpoint to return a list of policies with the structure of the basic policy in policies.
/policies/holderAPI endpoint to return a list of policies with the structure of the policy holder in policies.
/policies/documentsAPI endpoint to return a list of policies with the structure of the policy documents in policies.
/policies/discountAPI endpoint to list all the discounts applied for the policy
/policies/detailAPI endpoint to return policy-details section for a policy record

Policy Status Code

Policy Status is used to show the status of policy request.

CodeHTTP CodeDescription
IN_QUEUE202Data request will process soon.
IN_PROGRESS202Data request is in process and will be ready soon to consume.
PARTIALLY_COMPLETED200Data request is partially completed. Acquired data can be fetched if this status is received.
COMPLETED200Data request is completed. Complete data for the respective section is available and ready to consume.
NOT_SUBSCRIBED400Data for this section was not requested.
NOT_AVAILABLE400Data is not available for that section.
FAILED500Data Request failed.

Common Status Code

These status codes will come in response to the Policy APIs' response.

CodeHTTP CodePossible Reason
INVALID_REQUEST400- Invalid connection_Id provided.
- If the data send in headers or body is not proper.
INVALID_AUTH401Invalid Fz-Client-Id or Fz-Client-Secret-Key provided in the header. In this case please check your client details.
NOT_AUTHORIZED_CLIENT401Not authorised to access the requested data. In this case please check your client details.
INVALID_CONNECTION_ID400Invalid connection_Id provided.
LOGIN_IN_PROGRESS202Fize system's data acquiring process is in progress and currently the specified client is validating account credentials.
LOGIN_FAILED400Request is not processed due to a login failure by an incorrect credential.
INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR500Something went wrong while processing the API request.