API Client

Fize has multiple clients to acquire the policy data, thus, to retrieve the policy data for further consumption, Fize requires the information of the client with which the data is acquired. Each client is identified on the basis of 2 parameters for each endpoint request.

For the sync APIs, these are part of the HTTP Request Body and the Authorization key names for the Sync API Endpoints are:

  • client_id
  • client_secret_key

Similarly for the Incremental API endpoints, these are part of the request header with following names:

  • Fz-Client-Id
  • Fz-Client-Secret-Key


The Client ID's "Fz-Client-Id / client_id" and Secret Keys "Fz-Client-Secret-Key / client_secret_key" will be provided during onboarding with Fize.


Fz-Client-Id / client_id and Fz-Client-Secret-Key / client_secret_key ensures that a clients are authorised to use the Fize REST API.


The Fz-Client-Secret-Key will be hosted on your backend service and be treated as a password. It should not to be shared with unauthorised parties.