API Overview

Welcome to the comprehensive API reference guide for the Fize platform. This document serves as a bridge to understanding the intricate functionalities and endpoints of our REST API, particularly tailored for interactions within Fize's sandbox environment. Whether you are a stakeholder, developer, or a curious explorer, this reference aims to provide a clear, detailed insight into how to effectively utilize, authenticate, and interact with our API.

As you navigate through this document, you will encounter well-structured endpoint outlines, each accompanied by illustrative code samples and practical recipes. These examples are thoughtfully provided in multiple programming languages including Curl, Java, JavaScript, and Python, ensuring a seamless understanding regardless of your coding expertise.

The reference also directs you to Fize's base API URLs for both sandbox and production environments, aiding a smooth transition as your projects advance through different development stages. The document is organized into key topics such as API Connection and Endpoints, Policy Sync Status Code, Synchronous Policy Data Access, and Asynchronous Policy Data Access, ensuring a holistic understanding of the API's capabilities and usage.

This document is intended to explain the detailed contract of the API endpoints with respect to FIZE's sandbox environment. Intended audiences and stake holders can refer the details to understand the usage, authentication and consumption mechanisms through the code samples and recipes outlined within the respective endpoint outlines.

Within each of the endpoint details, code examples are outlined in the area to the right. Options to switch the programming language of the examples with the tabs in the top right. Examples are in Curl, Java, JavaScript, Python.

Base URLs

Refer Fize's base API Urls for sandbox and production environment.

Other References