Authenticate Fize Connect

Zap step starts with App authentication. Once the Users select Fize Connect to use, then authenticate their account with Fize Connect so Zapier can access their data.

Authentication allows Zapier access to an individual account in an Fize Connect. Users connect Fize Connect account to Zapier, then Zapier can watch it for new or updated data, search for existing data, and create or update new data in that individual account on the Fize Connect.

To login into your Fize Connect

  • Click on Sign In.

  • After that you will be prompted with the login page. From zapier

  • Enter your api from fize application and click on continue with Fize Connect to login.

How to get API key

After successfully logging into your Fize application.

  • Navigate to integrations tab on left side menu from Fize Application.

  • Choose zapier integration card.

  • Click on CREATE API KEY

  • Provide the new api key name and click on CREATE

  • Copy your api and save it for future reference.


The generated api key will only be visible until you close the modal. Kindly save your api key for future reference.